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American Academy Diploma in Education, Development, Teaching and Human Resource Development

The basis of our studies

Our institution pays full attention to the principles of awareness, science, development and service to the country and people around us Participants can become certified on the basis of attending a course at our institution or any other institution We pay attention to the level of knowledge of the participant. “Every participant who has attended the course does not have to become a holder of our institution's certificate.

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Why Study at International Business Academy of American Diploma (IBAAD) ?

Studying with us is the main reason for getting a job in large companies and institutions.
With us you will have a lot of knowledge and expertise that will make you have a lot of knowledge and benefit yourself and society.
Studying with us will brighten your path in life and we will educate you in many areas of life with the help of our institutions.
Obtaining certificates is an indicator of expertise and skills and is important in all private sectors.
With us you will become an international certificate holder, which is very important. An internationally accredited certificate is the reason to achieve your dreams and achieve more goals.
Obtaining a certificate from our institution will support you to achieve your dreams and hopes.

We Encourage You
To Move Forward and Serve Your Country

We have gathered a number of educational companies and organizations and work with them We work with the best companies and organizations to promote human and educational development.